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The Dongle Dangler helps you keep your headphone adapter cable (dongle) with you.

Attach your dongle to your keychain and never be without your music!

The Problem

Starting with the iPhone 7, Apple created a problem by removing the headphone jack. Other phone manufacturers have followed suit. To help with the transition from the wired to the wireless world, they provide an audio adapter cable (dongle) with every phone. 

The problem is that the dongle is small and easy to lose. It is cumbersome to carry with you. It is easy to overlook when running out the door. It is also relatively expensive to replace.

The Solution

The solution is a device called the Dongle Dangler. It allows you to carry the dongle with you everywhere you go. Keep it on your keychain, tied to a backpack, on a lanyard, or attached to a carabiner. Watch the video to see how it works. 

The Dongle Dangler is the perfect solution to a problem that shouldn't exist. 

We Don't Want Another Dongle to go Missing!

"Where's my dongle?!" and #ForgotMyDongle are common phrases since the removal of the headphone jack. Please help relieve the suffering of iPhone users everywhere. We don't want to see another dongle go missing. 

Help us to solve the missing dongle epidemic! If you or someone you know is missing the headphone jack on their phone, you need a Dongle Dangler to carry your headphone adapter with you everywhere you go. 

Buy one today and never be without your music again!

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