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Dongle Dangler keychain

The Dongle Dangler is a keychain accessory designed to securely hold your Lightning or USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter cable (dongle*).

Dangle your dongle on your keychain and never be without your music.

Dongle Dangler Keychain

*What's a Dongle?

The audio adapter cable that came with your phone is considered a dongle. The audio adapter dongle allows wired headphones to still be used. It does this by converting the 3.5 mm plug (found on the end of a headphone wire) into a Lightning or USB-C connector that can plug into a phone.

Audio adapter cable and Dongle Dangler on a keychain

Order Now and Stop Losing Your Dongle!

Dongle Dangler iPhone Chrome
Dongle Dangler iPhone Black
Dongle Dangler iPhone Gold
Dongle Dangler iPhone Rose Gold
Dongle Dangler iPhone Red
Dongle Dangler iPhone Silver

The Dongle Dangler Is Also Available on Amazon

How It Works

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