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The Splitter is any cable that splits a signal from one output into two outputs. Allows you to split your headset plug into two plugs for audio and mic inputs on a gaming device or a computer for VOIP applications. Also allows you to split a stereo signal into two signals and share music with a friend.

CTIA Headset Socket to Audio & Mic Plugs 

Dongle Dangler 3.5mm Headset Splitter Jack Adapter - CTIA Female to 2 Male Cable with Mic & Headphone - Compatible with PC and PS4 Gaming Headset & more. (10 inch/20cm) 

2M to F compressed.png
Dongle Dangler_Amazon Graphic_Mdic&Audio

Stereo Socket to Two Stereo Outs

Dongle Dangler 3.5 mm Headphone Jack Stereo Splitter Cable - Male to 2 Female, Gold Plated - Compatible with iPhone, Android Phones, Earphones & Speakers. (10 inch/20cm) 

2F to M compressed.png
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