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Dongle Dangler Keychain

The Dongle Dangler is a keychain accessory designed to securely hold your Lightning or USB-C to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter cable (dongle*).

Dangle your dongle on your keychain and never be without your music.

Pretty much a requirement on any persons key chain now who has a phone with no 3.5mm jack.

- Lee

I keep this on my keychain so I've always got an iPhone headphone to lightning adapter on me. It's useful so I don't have to ditch my existing headphones and can allow my iPhone to jack into my car and other speaker systems that aren't Bluetooth.

- Enrique

One day we will look back at the dongle and laugh about how ridiculous it was that apple made users carry around a dongle to plug in their headphones. But for now, this thing works! The dongle is so small and easy to misplace. With this device, I always have it when I need it! Definitely recommend!

- marty

Wholesale Inquiries

Retail Pricing

For retail pricing contact us at info@plexitylabs.com.

Retail Package (Front)

Retail Package (Back)

  • SECURE: Securely holds your dongle. The tight fitting snap tells you your dongle will stay with you.​Patent Pending.

  • CONVENIENT: Keep your dongle on your keychain and never be without your music. Perfect for keychain, backpack, lanyard, carabiner, or purse.

  • COMPATIBLE: Works with the following audio adapter cables: iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, and Pixel 2 (Lightning or USB-C to 3.5mm headphone dongle).

  • DURABLE: Made of steel and chrome plated for durability and corrosion resistance.


  • In 2016 Apple removed the headphone jack from phones, then the Android market followed suit.


  • Users want to keep using wired headphones 

  • An audio adapter cable (dongle) is provided with every phone to allow wired headphone use

  • The dongle is easily lost or misplaced and expensive to replace


  • The Dongle Dangler attaches to a keychain and securely holds the dongle

  • Users are happy because they have a way to keep their dongle with them 

  • People are no longer without their music

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How do I qualify for wholesale purchases?

Looking to carry the Dongle Dangler keychain in your store? Email info@plexitylabs.com with your Resale Certificate and Tax ID number to request a New Dealer Form.

How do I place another wholesale order for my business?

If you work with Xavier Cables, please contact your rep for the current order form. If you work with one of our account representatives, please email info@plexitylabs.com for a current order form. If you are a business that would like to carry Dongle Dangler, please email info@plexitylabs.com with your Resale Certificate and Tax ID number to request a New Dealer Form.

*What's a Dongle?

A dongle is the band-aid of hardware. It's meant to make up for gaps in functionality or to add functionality.


The audio adapter cable that came with your phone is considered a dongle. The audio adapter dongle allows wired headphones to still be used. It does this by converting the 3.5 mm plug (found on the end of a headphone wire) into a Lightning or USB-C connector that can plug into a phone.

For retail pricing contact us at info@plexitylabs.com.

Retail Pricing Available


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